A Brave New Century Wiki

2000 is the 1st year of the 21st century, it is nicknamed the 'Year of Chaos'. it was the begging of the Great Revelation, a large event spanning the first half of the 21st Century, Where many secret societies, magical phenomana, and supernatural beings and creatures were exposed or exposed themselves.


  • January 1st: A unicorn is born in a German farm at 8pm, signaling the return of 'commonplace magic'.
  • January 7th: Numquam Obliviscar begins to appear in dolphins. It makes the victim more aware of their surroundings, and immune to memory wipes.
  • January 16th: A couple in Brazil meet a cat-like, humanoid race known as Felynes during their hiking. This is the first contact between Namhms and Non-Humans.
  • March 1st: The Liverpool Avalon is discovered by local police.
  • March 7th:At the Netherlands, many people spotted or visited an bizzare looking school with people wearing an uniform related to this building, A group of Dutch people met a individual claim to be a man named Rean Schwarzer.
  • May 5th: The last uninfected person on Earth is infected with Numquam Obliviscar, making the entirety of humanity eagle-eyed of their surroundings and unable to artificially forget.
  • June 13th-20th: People begin to see many previously hidden locations hidden by magic thanks to Numquam Obliviscar, causing mass panic.
  • June 30th: Bill Clinton, Brian Peterson, Agent K, and Samuel G. Quahog all speak to the United States public, proving the existence of magic and supernatural forces.
  • November 6th: George Bush wins the 2000 U.S Elections.