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2001 is the 2nd year of the 21st century, it is nicknamed the 'Year of Terror'.


  • January-December: Sudden Island Appearance occurs, around 17 islands appear in total.
  • February 1st: In the outskirts of Southern Bronx in New York City, a town suddenly appears, filled with magical people and beings calling themselves fables and their town Fabletown.
  • February 21st: After the week they were given to evict themselves ended, the governments of all PHAL countries are ordered to open fire upon all remaining non-Humans they see, causing chaos throughout the countries, hundreds die as the military raids upon all those who didn't leave on time or on purpose. The city of Bangkok suffered the most, with 500 metahumans and non-humans dying in the process.
  • September 11th: Several terrorist attacks occur across the United States, with Britain. South Africa and Namibia also being affectedd. The UN building, Golden Gate Bridge, a Commuter Tunnel, and Site 19 are all destroyed.