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Bazelgeuse is a large flying monster covered in thick, heavy scales with a bronze sheen. It has a bulky upper body and a large wingspan. Its underside is lined with protruding scales which are easily shed. The monster occasionally enters a "superheated" state, causing the gaps between its scales to glow red hot.

The Bazelgeuse's most distinctive trait is its ability to shed explosive scales. These special scales are created by solidifying its body fluids. Once dislodged, these scales usually remain inert until they're struck with enough force, acting as a sort of landmine. However, when the monster enters its "super-heated" state, the scales detonate almost immediately and with more force increasing their damage overall. It uses its enormous body to overwhelm other monsters and the power of its scales to soften them up.

Bazelgeuse will shed their explosive scales over a wide area in a sort of carpet bombing so they can prey on whatever gets caught in the blast. They are aggressive creatures and will attack anything regardless of their standing but seem to gravitate more towards others.