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The flag of Canada.

Canada is a nation in the North American continent, bordering the United States. It is large in size and has countless lakes and forests, and it ranks amongst the most peaceful nations in the world, with military intervention abroad and embroilment in quagmires being relatively unheard of compared to then-Prime Minister Tony Blair's Britain or President Emeritus Bush's America. It also has a high level of social liberalism, racial equality, and social acceptance, and has made substantial advances in LGBTQ and metahuman rights in recent years, with same-sex marriage having been legalized at the national level since 2005 and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation being outlawed nationwide since 1996.

In addition, Canada has one of the stringest protections of metahuman rights in the continent and laws against discrimination, as metahumans are guaranteed by law the right to suffrage, freedom of expression, religious association, protection against persecution and miscarriage of justice, the right to own property, participate in the political process, receive quality and affordable care just like ordinary NAMHMs, "conversion therapy" (AKA attempts to "cure" their magical genes) against non-NAMHMs outlawed (Exception applies if it is completely voluntary and without any emotional durress or coercion) and full equality within educational institutions (No segregation. Period), and the status of being a metahuman codified to hate crime laws if the murder, theft, assault, or rape victim was a metahuman and the perpetrator was motivated by hatred.

Canada is also a model of social democratic governance, with universal healthcare, affordable secondary and tertiary education, women's rights, minimum wage (Mostly decided locally but the hourly wage is usually always above 10 C$ per hour) and encouragement of trade union membership being a staple of day to day life for Canadian citizens.

It also ranks among the top countries in terms of the Human Development Index and ranks favourably in the measures of income equality, democratic governance, racial harmony, and social mobility.

Canada declared independencd from the British Empire in the 20th Century, becoming a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy, with the Crown only having symbolic powers of royal assent. It was also one of the first countries to accept Metahumans and Non-Humans as equal living beings, with average approval ratings of metahumans hovering around 76-82% and refugees seeking shelter and a safe haven from persecution by the National Union Party in America welcomed with open arms and no hassle.