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Europeans, Caucasians, White People, or simply Whites are people of European Descent, and/or have white or pinkish-peach skin. Whites are commonly found in Europe, North America, and Oceania.

Whites first were governed under feudalist systems across Europe, with there being no secularism or individual freedoms, with Wizards and Mythicals being persecuted from time to time. Eventually, more organized systems replaced Feudalism with Monarchies and Empires, with few nations remaining military neutral.

Whites began to spread out in the 1500's, colonizing the Americas, Africa, and Asia, with colonized areas suffering from genocide, racism, segregation, and exploitation. WIth notable instances including the Genocide of Native Americans, American Segregation, the Holocaust, and South African Apartheid.

After the Enlightenment and revolutions in America and France, more democratic and republican forms of governments being set up in Europe. By 1950, few monarchies remained, with the only exception being the parliamentary monarchies like the Netherlands and the United Kingdom One big exception was also the USSR, who practiced Communism.

Europeans today are one of the biggest multi-ethnic racial groups on Earth, with their populations competing with Africans and Indians.