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Felynes (Felis silvestris sapiens) are a race of small, sentient, felines. Felynes resemble bipedal cats capable of human language. They typically have light fur, but can come in a variety of colors and patterns. Felynes first found in Brazil.

Felyne are a lot more agile and smarter than an average cat. The Felyne are able to walk upright, like a human, and even build tools with both hands. Felyne are looked at as their own culture due to their intelligence, life style, and groups. They can make equipment such as pickaxes, axes, and bombs. Felyne are known to form villages in secluded areas, where most monsters wouldn't dare to venture to. Felyne villages are known to have tribal exchanges with other Felyne and other cultures. With enough time and practice, Felyne can learn how to talk in the same languages as other cultures, including the human language and the Wyverian language. However, they often retain a degree of an accent in the form of meowing and cat puns interspersed throughout their speech.

Every Felyne is different in their own way. Some are aggressive, while some are calm. If attacked, however, they'll attack with just about anything in their hand, even going as far as to run at a foe with a live bomb for protection. If the battle starts looking bad, they'll dig a hole and travel somewhere safe. Commonly, Felyne are seen working in all sorts human establishments or settlements. They've been seen being farmers, traders, adventurers, etc.