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The Goat Revolution is a ongoing series of mass discontent and popular protests within New York City occurring since December of 2004, sparked by the public perception of the increasing authoritarianism, racially-motivated extremism, extrajudicial executions performed with impunity by NYPD vigilantes known as the "Blue Templars", and blatant violations of the U.S. Constitution and Civil Rights Act of 1964 by then-Mayor Robert "Charles" Kelly, and his arbitrary reprisals and mass arrests committed against predominantly metahuman districts, in the aftermath of a unfortunate incident in which he was struck by a transfiguration hex from the Wabbajack staff gifted by Prince Sheogorath to a certain bugbear by the name of Grarth Vernnis on December 12th, 2004, resulting in his unfortunate and infamous transformation to a Goat, from which the Revolution takes it's namesake.

Metahumans and NAMHMs alike took to the streets in galvanized protest marches numbering in the millions at their peak, utilizing tactics such as picketing of governmental buildings (Most notably the Gracie Mansion which was later stormed during the First Wave's climax), blockades of city roads and traffic, sit-ins at Times Square, Lower Manhattan, Central Park, and Upper Manhattan/Bronx, and flashmob singing of the American anthem and protest songs such as "Do you hear the people sing?!" and "We Shall Overcome!".

Many of Kelly's supporters also took to the streets, mobilized by the appeal of Charles Kelly amidst an attempt at popular overthrow and daily life in the city brought to a virtual standstill, with many being angry and resentful at the people protesting Kelly's rule and ready to defend their "legitimately elected Mayor" by any means neccessary. The protests eventually became violent after an armed gunman from the pro-Kelly crowd fired upon a female protester called Anna Morrison while she was participating in a sit-in at the City Hall of Manhattan, with her dying from her wounds almost immediately and thus becoming the first recorded casualty of the Revolution.

The massive outcry over the brutal murder of Anna Morrison just for peacefully voicing discontent against a increasingly dictatorial mayor galvanized the crowd into radical retaliation, with armed riots erupting shortly after and what were previously peaceful and organized marches descending into bloodbaths and street terror, with both the anti-Kelly and Pro-Kelly camps facing tens of thousands of injuries and at least 1453 confirmed casualties from burns by molotov cocktails, gunshot wounds, bluntforce trauma, or being trampled amidst the panicked stampede.

In addition, mass acts of retaliation occured against metahuman owned businesses in particular since the protests escalated, with mobs of radical NUP supporters and Blue Templars descending upon restaurants, jeweleries, general stores, hairdresser salons, local office buildings, and in the infamous case of the Snooper Family, the Snooper Detective Agency Headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, forcing them to vacate their premises and flee the violence to Toronto in Ontario, Canada, in which nation they reside to this day.

The arguments of both respective sides are listed below:

Pro-Kelly Camp:

The Metahumans are dangerous to us Namhms! There have been many crimes or incidents caused by them, resulting in numerous deaths and property damage, and yet the government seems to want to support them in their terroristic deeds! We deserve a mayor that we elected to keep us safe from terrorism and attacks! Even if he does it in a more ruthless way, it is the best way to crackdown on illegal drug trafficking and violent crime, and the softies are trying to take away that from us with their manufactured calls for a coup d'etat by the mob against his rule!

Argument 2 (Anti-Kelly): We understand your concern and anger, but you seem to have forgotten that the people you constantly vilify, prejudice against, and profile are living beings too, with emotions, lives, hopes, dreams, and family, not troubled children that need to be controlled. Many within the communities actually wanted to be your friends in the beginning and integrate to your culture, and have done numerous acts of kindness and help, which we should do in return, but you only seem to focus on the bad apples, and Kelly is taking that way too far with his borderline Pinochetian tactics!