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James O'rourke is a politician and party leader from New York. He is known for his controversial political views on Metahumans and non-Namhms, and his book 'The Problems We Face'. Many have called his views discriminatory, while others have said that they are moderate.


Before the revelations O'Rourke was born to a nice family of university professors in New Jersey. He grew up reading about history and was intensely interested in politics. He had very high grades in school and was a boon to the school track team. However some of his teachers were disturbed by how far he was willing to go to succeed. This ruthlessness had been drilled into him at a young age by his workaholic and ambitious parents. He took a interest in politics at a young age, after he graduated Rutgers in 1992, he worked on the New Jersey for President Bush committee and was commended for being very good at his job by the Republican strategists in NJ. after that he went into teaching history and political science, this is also where he grew his formidable talents in rhetoric and talking to large crowds during his lectures. All was looking up for O'Rourke before The Great Revelation, he had written a new book on American history and had found a new popularity and Respect in Academic circles.


During the time of confusion and panic after the reveal that mythical creatures, wizards, mutants, and other Metahumans and Non-Humans existed, O'Rourke developed his political ideology of "national Integration" and wrote them down in his world famous essay "The Problem We Face.". The essay was controversial as many saw it as a call for segregation and apartheid but it struck a chord with millions of Americans, Americans, who while not hateful bigots, were in their gut concerned, for their safety, for their livelihoods and for their culture. Within two days he had received hundreds of thousands of letters from supporters urging him to run for office. Seeing his support he decided to do just that, Running for the house in New York. Quickly he decided to gather supporters around him to make a new party, these supporters include Freshman South Carolina House Rep. Frank Underwood (NU/SC) Fellow academic Elizabeth Mccord (NU/VA) Michigan activist Selina Meyers (NU/MI). His star continues to rise as his party swept the midterms with their goal firmly set. Rumors are that he will run for U.S president in 2004.


He is said to be ruthless. He also doesn't like Demigods, due to their 'troublemaking' and 'vain' nature. He also like hunting, even after the reveal of Anthros into the world.


O'Rourke had a wife, Elizabeth O'rourke, who sadly passed away due to cancer and a Teenage child Stepahanie O'Rourke. His daughter actually was a Metahuman, who ran away trying to get away from her stressed out and abit suspicous father, O'rourke then hired the OPA to bring her back to him before Anti Meta bigot and rival to O'rourke for control of the National unity party. After a long series of Events, Stephanie was found with her freind Jubiliee who were passed onto Professor Xaviar for education on their abilites. They are under a strained relationship and O'rourke is under the impression that Stephanie is trying to get a cure for her powers not devlop them as Xaviar has her doing.