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resembles a bipedal coelacanth fish covered in hardened lava, which forms a tough outer shell. It has two dorsal fins, two pectoral fins, two pelvic fins, and a long, thick tail to help swim through the thick lava it originally resides in or in bodies of water as one reported in Siberia. Its head is fish-like in nature, with rounded features and large, circular eyes. Its mouth is filled with sharp, needle-like fangs. Its powerful hind-legs end in fins rather than claws, but are capable of supporting it on land.

Lavasioth are very well adapted to live in their habitat. Having a layer of hardened lava, coal, and ore on its skin makes it very durable. They also have the ability to spit lava, which is used to attack prey, or any other monsters that may pose a threat. The Lavasioth has been known to kill other lifeforms, which may provke the Lavasioth causing them to be irritated. The eyesight of these creatures is quite poor as is common among non-aquatic monsters. Despite the bad eyesight, the Lavasioth's other senses are quite good. Lavasioth are powerful swimmers in lava or bodies of water.

The Lavasioth are extremely territorial and will attack any animal or human that enters its area with ferocity, excluding one of its own kind.