A Brave New Century Wiki

There is alot of history way before the Great Revelation had occurred. This timeline will go from B.E (Before Earth), B.M (Before Man), B.C (Before Christ), and A.D (Anno Domini).

Before Earth (B.E)[]

4,000,000,000: Earth begins to form in the Sol System.

Before Man (BM)[]

Before Christ (BC)[]

Anno Domini (AD)[]

2nd Millenium (1000-2000)[]

1196-1221: The Great War, a large scale war between the Western Dragons and Sphinxes across the World, mostly in Europe and the Middle East. Both species supposedly go extinct.

1220: The Mythical Creature Community begin to go into hiding after several attacks by Humans, first in Europe, but then in Asia and Africa. The practice eventually spreads to Oceania and North and South America.

1685-1815: The Age of Enlightenment occurs during this period. Many Namhms begin to believe that non-Namhms are either fairy tales, or simply not real.

1689-92: The International Wizarding Statute of Secrecy is signed by the International Confederation of Wizards. Each Ministry of Magic starts the process of segrgating the Wizard and Muggle communities.

1776: The United States of America declares independence from the British Empire, starting the American War of Independence.

1914-1918: The First World War takes place between this time, where the German, Austro-Hungarian, Bulgarian and Ottoman empires are all dissolved soon after.

1939-1945: The Second World War occurs, where the Axis lose and the Allied Powers and the Comintern win.

1949-1989: The Cold War occurs during this period, where NATO and the Warsaw Pact try to establish their ideologies across the world, such as in Vietnam and Korea.

1964: African Americans and other minority groups are given equal rights in the United States. Segregation is ended soon after.

1969: Humans land on the Moon for the first time.

1970-1981: The First Wizarding War takes place during this time, where Voldemort is killed by Harry Potter.

1989: The Internet is created by Tim-Burners Lee, a CERN worker.


  • Harry Potter begins attending Hogwarts, where he befriends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.
  • The Soviet Union dismantles.


  • The Wizarding World Cup is interrupted by a Death Eater Attack.
  • The Tri-Wizarding Tournement ends after Cedric Diggory, a champion, is killed in a death eater attack.

1995-1998: The Second Wizarding War takes place, begging with the revival of Lord Voldemort and ends with the Battle of Hogwarts, where 55 people from both sides die and Voldemort and most of his Death Eaters are defeated.

1999: The last year before the Great Revelation.