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Rorona is a non-nahm and world famous alchemist and scientist known all across Europe and the most-well awarded member of the USPA alongside Totooria Helmold, Sophie Neuenmuller and Firis Mistlud.

Rorona grew up on a small town in the French-German border with her parents. She is portrayed as a somewhat childish person, who is easily excitable and clumsy. When she begins practicing alchemy, she struggles, and is frustrated that Astrid doesn't teach her anything about alchemy. Rorona has a big appetite, and has a seemingly bottomless stomach. Pie making is her number one hobby, and she dreams of one day opening up a pie shop, but she keeps her ambitions a secret after Astrid forbids her from baking pies.

As Rorona grows up, her alchemy skills improve and she starts to travel around Europe. She begins teaching others how to do alchemy, although she's self conscious about her teaching skills. She's very proud when she teaches a couple German and French students how to successfully synthesize something, and claims Totori as her first successful student. She even becomes successful enough to create a Chim.

Although she's aged, Rorona still remains very childish, and is enjoying her freedom to travel around the World, taking some free time away from the workshop. She loves anything cute, and likes to give everybody she meets a "cute" nickname, although most people don't appreciate it.