A Brave New Century Wiki

A timeline of events of the Brave New Century Timeline.

2000: Year of Chaos[]

  • January 1st: A unicorn is born in a German farm at 8pm, signaling the return of 'commonplace magic'.
  • January 7th: Numquam Obliviscar begins to appear in dolphins. It makes the victim more aware of their surroundings, and immune to memory wipes.
  • January 16th: A couple in Brazil meet a cat-like, humanoid race known as Felynes during their hiking. This is the first contact between Namhms and Non-Humans.
  • March 1st: The Liverpool Avalon is discovered by local police.
  • March 7th:At the Netherlands, many people spotted or visited an bizzare looking school with people wearing an uniform related to this building, A group of Dutch people met a individual claim to be a man named Rean Schwarzer.
  • May 5th: The last uninfected person on Earth is infected with Numquam Obliviscar, making the entirety of humanity eagle-eyed of their surroundings and unable to artificially forget.
  • June 13th-20th: People begin to see many previously hidden locations hidden by magic thanks to Numquam Obliviscar, causing mass panic.
  • June 30th: Bill Clinton, Brian Peterson, Agent K, and Samuel G. Quahog all speak to the United States public, offcially proving the existence of magic and supernatural forces.
  • November 6th: George Bush wins the 2000 U.S Elections.

2001: Year of Terror[]

  • January-December: The first wave Sudden Island Appearance occurs, around 17 islands appear in total. Included are Treehollow, Sodor, Skull Island, Stilwater, Los Santos, Steelport, Metazoa, and Atlantis.
  • February 1st: In the outskirts of Southern Bronx in New York City, a town suddenly appears, filled with magical people and beings calling themselves fables and their town Fabletown.
  • September 11th: Several terrorist attacks occur across the United States, with Britain. South Africa and Namibia also being affected. The UN building, Golden Gate Bridge, a Commuter Tunnel, and Site 19 are all destroyed in the attacks. Al-Qaeda is revealed to be behind it.

2002: UGE, STA, and DPR[]

  • January 1st: A new genetic phenomena called Unexplained Genetic Expression begins to affect 1-10% of Human births, the phenomena causes babies to have Elven and Dwarven appearances.
  • July 4th: Sudden Town Apperance begins with the apperance of Nowhere in Kansas.
  • December 25th: The Lost Hunters capture a succubus in Los Santos.

2003: The Year of Horror and Corporations[]

  • January 24th: Springfield appears in Southern Oregon.
  • August 5th: The Aborvile Incident occurs, where the Blob attacks and kills over a hundred people in the town of Arborvile, California.

2004: The Year of Nature and the Dead/Rejuvenation[]

  • January 1st: The first case of the Ressurrections occur in North Dakota, when a man who the local doctor claims was dead appears in a flash of lighting in the local graveyard.
  • April 11th: Miracle Day in the United Kingdom occurs, bringing back 1.2 million people from the dead, many people like Princess Diana, Winston Churchill, John Lennon, George Harrison, and all 17 victims of the Dunblane Massacre are among them. Along with this, numerous celebrities who are in their elderly ages have since returned to more younger ages, such as Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Paul Mccartney, Ringo Starr, and James Callaghan.
  • June-March 2005: The revivals got to there worst during this period, with many shanty towns being built in major cities across the world by the revived dead. Reports indictae that the revived population had reached 700 million.
  • July 4th: Miracle Day in the United States occurs, occurs, bringing back 17-20 million people from the dead, many famous figures like the founding fathers, JFK, MLK, Lincoln, Tupac, and all the victims of Coumbine are brought back to life.
  • November 8th: Democrat John Kerry is elected president of the United States, with him famously winning the notably republican state of Texas.
  • December: The Goat Revolution and Riots of 2004 take place in New York City.