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Totems are a multi-species, spirit-related non-human race of animals, who possess vast magical abilities and powers and who can take on feral, anthropomorphic, and human forms. Totems are very common in the Americas and Africa, though they also exist in smaller regions in other continents. They are basically animals from the local wildlife that would become symbols for guardians who would watch over and protect the respective cultures.

Totems mostly come in reptilian, bird, and mammal species, though there are other types such as insects and fish. They have an unknown lifespan, possibly immortal. The lifespan of a totem appears to be connected to the animal they take the appearance of. As long as at least one animal of the totem's species lives, the totem will live.

Totems first appeared either since Time Immemorial or sometime between 10,000 or 5,000 BC, some believe Time Immemorial due to there being multiple possible evidence of Totem activity as far back as 150,000 BC, while some believe Totems first entered the world in 10,000 or 5,000 BC as that was the first documented cases of Totems by Native Africans and Americans. Some theorize that spirits or gods might have sent them down to accompany certain cultures who appeased them.

Totems were forced by various magical and non-namhm organizations into hiding after the European Colonization of the Americas and Africa, fearing their recently established secrecy acts would be breached by them staying with the Native Americans. Many totems were forced to sadly say goodbye to their human friends as they fled to live in Avalons or way into the remote wilderness, watching as a majority of their friends joined the rest of the world and dismissed everything magical as myth. This would last until the year 2000.

When Magic returned to become a worldwide phenomenon again, many totems decided to rebel against the societies that forced them into hiding and returned to many of the Native American tribes they had abandoned 300 years ago, many decided to stay hidden in Africa due to the high amount of discrimination and corruption. The Native Americans responded with overwhelmingly positivity, with the two groups agreeing to live in secret until 'the world is ready', where Native Americans and Totems met in secret from March to July 2000.

As of 2002, Totems are generally accepted in society in some countries, despite the majority of them living solidarity lifestyles and communities as they usually stay with the cultures they represent, as long as they are in their Human forms. Canada has made efforts to grant the Totems official citizenship, with the only nations to grant citizenship being Iceland and Denmark, and the U.S States that have signed the Wampus Act in the U.S being also accepting of Totems as equals.